Day 29


you know some days are just downright lifeless and dreary you think maybe this sadness, this sudden hollowness in place of whatever was inside you, was something you yourself have cultivated out of the seeds of boredom. and you imagine how, once it stems its way up and around your well-maintained enclosures, it wraps itself securely until it starts becoming comfortable around your skin, and you try to cleave your way out of those vines that tighten around your arms and choke you breathless until everything just fades to black and it’s all you can see, this…shroud blanketing everything you’ve known and loved; and yet those dark, ugly patches of gloom still cling to your skin; even as you get home and settle your things on the floor; as you rush to the bathroom to wash it all away, thinking that the heat of the water rushing down your back and your arms will put it all back into its right place—will make everything ok again through sheer familiarity


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