Day 26


So. About today.

(1) I had a job interview in the morning

(2) RAFA BEAT DIMITROV AND IS GONNA BE UP AGAINST FEDERER SO IT’S NOW ROGER, RAFA AND THE WILLIAMS FOR THE AUSTRALIAN OPEN FINALS!!!!!! And this is great because I’ve never been such a big fan of tennis until just a few months ago and all I’ve really known about the legend of Roger Federer and his epic finals with Nadal was stuff I read from David Foster Wallace (basically that one essay about Roger hahahahahahahaha) and a few articles too and of course the numerous videos of them posted on youtube, and I’ve always heard of how great both are and with me not watching tennis all these years you know it’s just like what this certain character from another DFW book said, it’s like being lonely for something you’ve never known or missing someone you’ve never even met.

(3) I just realized that The Chainsmokers is now my go-to music when working? I mean how did this happen

(4) Have you ever walked down the street and you see people and you just ask yourself…why you’re not, say, a jeepney barker or this guy reading the newspaper? Like how come you’re here, you’re like this, this is your body; basically you could’ve been any among these endless possibilities and yet…you are right now a 22-year old girl in a city this big. I don’t know what my point here is exactly but it’s just…I don’t know, why am I not a tennis world no.1, I wonder.


One thought on “Day 26

  1. (4) I’ve always thought that I would have enjoyed being a messenger, just out walking from one building to another. Except when it’s really cold, or raining really hard, or really hot. Nah, even in those conditions I think I would have liked it.

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