Day 22


Some nights you try to look back at what has happened throughout the day and you simply…can’t seem to decide whether it was good or bad. Sometimes, it just seems like nothing really happened. And you are not sure whether you should be feeling thankful for this or not, as you are probably as aware that during less fortunate circumstances–a seemingly foreign, faraway state of actuality you cannot, for the life of you, entertain even the slightest thought of at this very moment–you’d be longing for this very state of eventless affairs wherein everything is orderly and boring; that you’d sooner face a dreadfully monotonous string of 9 to 5 workdays than, say, forge through a series of miserable realities that forces you to look back and long for the days when Something Different was only something you longed for that actually meant Something Exciting, Something Beautiful, or Something To Save Me From This Dull Existence; not Something Terrible That Pulls Me Back To A Miserable And Indifferent Reality.

So today was OK. It wasn’t ‘bad,’ though it could’ve been better, I suppose.


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